A CISO View on the State of Passwordless MFA

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What are CISOs thinking about the recent shifts around zero trust, MFA and passwordless authentication? As Part II to our recent unveiling of the State of Workforce Passwordless MFA, this webinar will focus on a C-level perspective of these topics. 

Join us to learn what CISOs of large enterprises are doing and the challenges they are facing.

What you’ll learn:

  • How CISOs view the state of MFA in 2022
  • How CISOs decide to deploy adaptive passwordless MFA
  • What the future of SSO and MFA looks like
  • What it takes to be successful with passwordless MFA


Steve Hunt
ISSA Hall of Fame Industry Analyst
Impact Leaders
Horacio Zambrano
Horacio Zambrano
CMO & Cyber Market Strategist
Secret Double Octopus

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