How to get MFA right for NIS2

On-Demand Replay

For critical industries, NIS2 MFA deadlines are closing in fast. It isn't enough to check the box with partial coverage, especially with remote access, essential on-prem legacy apps, and production floors.


Unfortunately, traditional MFA doesn't work with industrial infrastructure. And MFA can't stop the phishing menace. A modern phishing-resistant approach that works with the whole enterprise is needed to neutralize skilled attackers, bad insiders, and NIS2 audits. 


Watch this on-demand webinar featuring experts from SDO and our partner, iC Consult, to get insights on leveraging NIS2 preparation with a Passwordless approach that works with your existing apps or identity infrastructure:


  • Implement efficient MFA in industrial sectors 
  • Single MFA for corporate and production networks
  • MFA for DMZ and air gap island
  • Close vulnerable shop floor shared account workflows


David Johnson
Lead Consultant
iC Consult
Don Shin
Don Shin
Identity Security Strategist