Secure Access to Industrial Critical Infrastructure

Every enterprise faces risk from cybersecurity attacks — financial losses, fines for exposing data, a damaged brand reputation — but the stakes run even higher for critical infrastructure (CI). The safety of workers’ and even the public hinges on getting things right, and that includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) used to verify identity.

Following guidelines from agencies like NIST in the United States and European Union’s ENISA, industrial sectors invest heavily in securing the login process, only to find MFA easy to intercept, impersonate, and phish. As cyber criminals target CI on a worldwide scale, the rise of remote work demands 100% assurance that those seeking to access your IT and OT resources are who they say they are — and MFA as we know it simply can’t deliver.

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1. The inherent flaw in traditional MFA
2. Why MFA falls short of meeting CI’s unique challenges, particularly around securing remote access and air- gapped production islands
3. How CI can avoid making the mistakes of early MFA adopters
4. How to implement a Passwordless, phishing-resistant solution that achieves less risk in less time


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