October 12th | 1 PM EST

Highest Impact Prevention Strategies Against Ransomware


Preventing ransomware attacks is top of mind for everyone from IT admins, CISOs, CEOs to US President Biden. 

Today’s next-generation security solutions, when layered in a defense-in-depth manner can provide an unstoppable combination for defeating and keeping ransomware at bay.

Join Lenovo, Secret Double Octopus and SentinelOne in this webinar where we explore the evolution of ransomware and 3 key strategies available today to fully protect yourself from the leading forms of attack.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What your organization can do to protect itself with a defense-in-depth security strategy
  • How traditional and leading-edge technologies deal with ransomware at different points in the attack cycle
  • The role of credentials in today’s ransomware attacks and identity-based approaches to mitigation